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It’s several years since I last blogged, in fact, I just looked at my old blog and discovered it’s actually four and a half years since I last blogged!  If anyone feels the need to see what I was bleating on about over there in days gone by, you can check it out for yourselves here.


I shamefacedly admit that I have woefully neglected my online presence for longer than I care to admit but events of recent weeks have galvanized my resolve to get my website shipshape and working for me, hurrah and huzzah!

Relentless anthem

It struck me that the simplest way to ease myself into rejigging my website is to resurrect my blog!  I like sharing what I’m up to, where I am, what I see and the minutiae of life and I can rabbit away here without bothering anyone!


All the images in this post are random memories from my old Artful Zebra blog but, rest assured, dear reader, that new content will be forthcoming!

Gravestone rubbings


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